About the Chef

Everything begins with a dream.
It started with an interest that quickly exploded into a passion for creating beautiful bakes that made people happy. It was the most unadulterated kind of joy that I have experienced and I decided I wanted to equip myself with the right knowledge, technical skills and ability to create my own recipes. So I dropped everything and went to school. Le Cordon Bleu opened my eyes and heart to the world of pastries and I know it’s only the beginning. 20 years in the world of entertainment and making the transition into the world of F&B has its moments and it’s been quite the journey getting here, and in such unprecedented times. Well, I dreamed a little dream, took baby steps to build it, and now I step into my new role as chef.

Once Upon a Time

I’m very much a storyteller, from dancing, to acting, illustrating, scriptwriting, and then directing. There was always a story I wanted to express, in all these different forms. Even as a patissiere, every creation brings forth a story. Once Upon a Time, that’s how most stories start. This time it will be different because you will be part of the story and you will write the chapters together with me.

The Space

Here at Once Upon a Time, we do not work with a fixed menu. When a new creation is made, we will change the bakes. This also means every bake is offered for a limited period of time until it retires. Change is the only constant and we want to continually create exciting new things for you.

What The Fudge Brownies

Every bake has a story and What The Fudge is special because this is the story for Once Upon a Time. A friend decided she had enough of just looking at photos of my bakes and placed an order. She liked it so much, she then ordered it for friends. After her friends tried it, they placed more orders for their friends and before I knew it, WTFudge started to have a life of its own and grew. It got to a point where I had enough of my home looking like a warehouse. That’s when I decided it was time for a proper place where I could indulge in baking. We turned one in May 2022, and we celebrated by finally putting WTFudge on our menu.